No-Frills CROP!  
2/3/17 & 2/4/17 from 10:00am 'til 11:00pm 
COST:  $25pp for Both days          
         $15pp for One day

We will be taking reservations for 2 day croppers up until the Wednesday before the CROP.  On that Wednesday we will start taking reservations for one day croppers as available.  Please stop into the store or call during business hours!  Your space is guaranteed only after you have paid.  

Join your friends, old and new taking classes and cropping at Creative Cards!

We have some exciting new classes planned!

Check out what's happening in the weeks to come:

January 2017

(see classes tab for details and descriptions)

Jan's Cards from Napkins

Instructor:  Jan Rosenbergh                                                Cost:  $20pp

1/10/17  Tuesday at 10:30am

1/12/17  Thursday at 6:00pm

1/14/17  Saturday at 10:30am

Ann's Stencil Class

Instructor:  Ann Hanson                                                      Cost:  $20pp

1/14/17  Saturday at 1:00PM

Donna's Valentines Class

Instructor:  Donna Dutton                                                  Cost:  $20pp

1/17/17  Tuesday at 10:30am

Barb's 4 Cards & a Box Class

Instructor:  Barb Smith                                                        Cost:  $20pp

1/18/17  Wednesday at 10:30am

1/21/17  Saturday at 10:30am

Sue's 1 Die/4 Cards Class

Instructor:  Sue Benner                                                      Cost:  $27.50pp

1/22/17  Sunday 1:00 - 4:00pm

Jan's Unique Class #68

Instructor:  Jan Rosenbergh                                              Cost:  $20pp

1/24/17  Tuesday at 10:30am

1/26/17  Thursday at 6:00pm

1/28/17  Saturday at 10:30am

Linda's Wintery Album Class

Instructor:  Linda Johnson                                                 Cost: $27.50pp

1/29/17  Sunday at 1:00pm

February 2017

(see classes tab for details and descriptions)

No-Frills CROP  
2/3/17  Friday at 10:00am to 11:00pm                          Cost:  $25.00 for both days
2/4/17  Saturday at 10:00am to 11:00pm                                $15.00 for one day

Sue's Super Sunday Class

Instructor:  Sue Benner                                                      Cost:  $27.50pp

2/5/17  Sunday at 1:00pm - 5:00pm

Jan's Napkin Class

Instructor:  Jan Rosenbergh                                              Cost:  $20pp

2/7/17  Tuesday at 10:30am

2/9/17  Thursday at 6:00pm

2/11/17  Saturday at 10:30am

Ann's Card Class

Instructor:  Ann Hanson                                                     Cost:  $20pp

2/11/17  Saturday at 1:00pm

Donna's St. Patrick's Day Cards

Instructor:  Donna Dutton                                                 Cost:  $20pp

2/14/17  Tuesday at 10:30am                     

Barb's Trust Me Class

Instructor:  Barb Smith                                                       Cost:  $20pp

2/15/17  Wednesday at 10:30am

2/18/17  Saturday at 10:30am

Jan's Unique Class #69

Instructor:  Jan Rosenbergh                                               Cost:  $20pp

2/21/17  Tuesday at 10:30am

2/23/17  Thursday at 6:00pm

2/25/17  Saturday at 10:30am