Join your friends, old and new taking classes and cropping at Creative Cards!

We have some exciting new classes planned!

Check out what's happening in the weeks to come:

APRIL 2017

(see classes tab for details and descriptions)

No-Frills CROP!  
4/28/17  Friday from 10:00am to 11:00pm                                                        Cost:  $25.00 for both days
4/29/17  Saturday from 10:00am to 11:00pm  

Super Sunday
Instructor:  Sue Benner                                                                                              Cost:  $27.50pp
4/30/17  Sunday at 1:00pm - 5:00pm

MAY 2017

(see classes tab for details and descriptions)

Jan's Napkin Class

Instructor:  Jan Rosenbergh                                                                                   Cost:  $20pp

5/2/17  Tuesday at 10:30am

5/4/17  Thursday at 6:00pm

5/6/17  Saturday at 10:30am

Ann’s Foil Card Class

Instructor:  Ann Hansen                                                                                        Cost:  $22pp

5/6/17    Saturday at 1pm               registration deadline:  5/3/17

5/19/17  Friday  at 1:30pm             registration deadline:  5/16/17

Donna's Nostalgia Class

Instructor:  Donna Dutton                                                                                     Cost:  $20pp

5/9/17   Tuesday at 10:30am

Barb's Paper Weaving Class

Instructor:  Barb Smith                                                                                          Cost:  $20pp

5/10/17   Wednesday at 10:30am

5/13/17   Saturday at 10:30am

Saturday “In The Garden – Floral Cards”

Instructor:  Sue Benner                                                                                          Cost:  $20pp

5/13/17  Saturday at 1:00pm

Jan's Unique Class #72

Instructor:  Jan Rosenbergh                                                                                  Cost:  $20pp

5/16/17  Tuesday at 10:30am

5/18/17  Thursday at 6:00pm

5/20/17  Saturday at 10:30am

Kathy's "Girls on the Town"

Instructor:  Kathy Donafrio                                                                                   Cost:  $20pp

5/17/17  Wednesday at 10:30am 

5/20/17 Saturday at 1:00pm

Super Sunday 

Instructor:  Sue Benner                                                                                          Cost:  $27.50pp

5/21/17  Sunday at 1:00pm - 5:00pm

No-Frills CROP!

5/26/17  Friday from 10:00am to 11:00pm                                                       Cost:  $25.00 for both days

5/27/17  Saturday from 10:00am to 11:00pm

JUNE 2017

(see classes tab for details and descriptions)

The Babies/Toddlers Class

Instructor:  Kathy Donafrio                                                                                    Cost:  $20pp

6/3/17   Saturday at 10:30am

Celebrating Girlfriends and Friendship

Instructor:  Sue Benner                                                                                            Cost:  $20pp

6/3/17  Saturday at 1:00pm

Linda's Recipe Chipboard Book

Instructor:  Linda Johnson                                                                                      Cost:  $27.50pp

6/4/17  Sunday at 1:00pm

Jan's Napkin Class

Instructor:  Jan Rosenbergh                                                                                   Cost:  $20pp

6/6/17  Tuesday at 10:30am

6/8/17  Thursday at 6:00pm

6/10/17  Saturday at 10:30am

Ann's Acetate Class

Instructor:  Ann Hansen                                                                                          Cost:  $20pp

6/10/17  Saturday at 1pm              registration deadline:  6/7/17

Super Sunday 

Instructor:  Sue Benner                                                                                           Cost:  $27.50pp

6/11/17  Sunday at 1:00pm - 5:00pm

Barb's Trust Me Class

Instructor:  Barb Smith                                                                                            Cost:  $20pp

6/14/17  Wednesday at 10:30am

6/24/17  Saturday at 1:00pm