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JUNE 2019

Ann's Stencils/Dies Card Class

In this class, we will make four cards that combine a stencil and a die. On one of the cards there are two wreaths made out of stars and the message, “enjoy every moment”.  The next card has a stenciled plaid background with a lovely flower superimposed on it.  The following card will remind you of the Arabian Nights and the message is, “you light up the night”.  On the last card, you will color the stencil flowers in pink and the leaves in green and then adhere a die cut poppy to it. It is hard to describe the cards, so stop by the store to see the samples.

Instructor:  Ann Hanson                                                 Cost:  $22

6/8/19 Saturday 1:00pm                              Registration deadline, Wednesday, June 5 

6/19/19 Wednesday 1:00pm                        Registration deadline Saturday, June 15

Jan's Unique Card Class #93

You will learn how to make 4 unique greeting cards in this class. You will be doing different die cutting, stamping, layering, punching, embossing, fold techniques and many more. Jan teaches her classes in a step-by-step process and includes written instructions. Please bring your regular class supplies to class. Any additional class supplies will be posted in the store with the sample cards.

Instructor:  Jan Rosenbergh                                           Cost:  $22

6/18/19 Tuesday 10:30am

6/20/19 Thursday 6:00pm

6/22/19 Saturday 10:30am

Ann's Amusing Card Class

In this class, we will make four amusing/age related cards. The first card is a birthday card with the message, “You don’t look a day over whatever age you’re pretending to be”.  The next card features pictures of dresses and pocket watches and the message, “good thing vintage is in”.  “Every age is the perfect age” is the sentiment on the cute card with a small bear and flowers.  The last card has a colorful butterfly and the message, “live your life, forget your age”.  It’s hard to describe the cards, so stop by the store to see the samples.  In addition to your regular supplies, please bring your favorite coloring medium.

Instructor:  Ann Hanson                                                   Cost:  $22

6/22/19 Saturday 1:00pm                             Registration deadline Wednesday, June 19

Barb's Simply Summer Card Class
Let's relax a little and enjoy the sun, warm weather and of course, crafting with friends! This class will feature various paper-crafting techniques and materials to create four Summer-related cards and projects. Think about seasonal activities, gardening, butterflies - and fun when you sign up for this "Simply Summer" class. Looking forward to some playtime together!

Instructor:  Barb Smith                                                  Cost:  $22

6/26/19 Wednesday 10:30am

6/29/19/ Saturday 10:30am

JULY 2019

Jan's Technique Class

Come and learn something new in cardmaking.  You will learn new ways in creating backgrounds, die cutting, stenciling, transfers, sticker use and stamping.  Please bring your regular supplies for class.

Instructor:  Jan Rosenbergh                                          Cost:  $22
7/11/19 Thursday 6:00pm
7/13/19 Saturday 10:30am
7/16/19 Tuesday 10:30am (Please note change in class date)

Kathy's Ice Cream Card Class
We all love the treats. For this class, we will be making 4 cards using ice cream as the theme. 2 cards will use Iris patterns, the cone and the dreamscicle patterns. One of the designs will not be a typical Iris pattern (We will be using borders for the ice cream!) There is no coloring for this class. PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN REGULAR TAPE TO USE ON BOTH IRIS CARDS. (DOUBLE STICK TAPE AND ROLLERS WILL NOT WORK TO PUT THESE TWO CARDS TOGETHER)
Instructor:  Kathy Donofrio                                            Cost:  $22
7/11/19 Thursday 1:00pm

Barb's Punch 4 Card Class
When you own punches, you want to be able to use them in a variety of ways. This class is all about learning to "see" what other things punched pieces can become. There are always "aha" moments in this class! We will make 4 A-2 cards. This month let's do a "Christmas in July" theme with punches. Come join us and be ready to think outside of the box! Please bring a basic tool kit. I will provide all the punches we will use.
Instructor:  Barb Smith                                                   Cost:  $22
7/17/19 Wednesday 10:30am
7/20/19 Saturday 10:30am

Ann's Glitter Card Class

We will be making some cards that glitter and sparkle and yet, none of them use the sticker technique.  Each card will feature a different glitter technique.  One of the cards is a “Happy Retirement” card and another is a “Get Well” card and the next card is an all occasion card.  Come to class and you too may sparkle.  In addition to your regular supplies, please bring some markers or plan to use the markers at the store.

Instructor:  Ann Hanson                                                 Cost:  $22

7/17/19 Wednesday 1:00pm                        Registration deadline:  Saturday July 13
7/27/19 Saturday 1:00pm                             Registration deadline:  Wednesday July 24

Kathy's Baseball Card Class
America's favorite passtime is the theme for this class. We will make 4 cards. there will be an Iris baseball cap as one of the 4. (YOU WILL NEED REGULAR TAPE TO PUT THIS CARD TOGETHERE). There will be coloring in this class. If you prefer colored pencils or your own markers, do bring them. When you register, let the person know if you are a Cub's or Sox fan. This is to have the paper ready for the Iris baseball cap. 
Instructor:  Kathy Donofrio                                            Cost:  $22
7/18/19 Thursday 1:00pm

Ann's Layering Card Class

We will make four cards using different layering techniques.  On two cards you will layer die cut pieces.  One of the cards involves layering stencils.  On the next card, you will layer stamped images together and embellish with several “gem” stones.  Two cards are all occasion cards, one is a sympathy card and the last card is a birthday card. Come to class to have fun and to learn these different techniques.

Instructor:  Ann Hanson                                                 Cost:  $22
7/18/19 Thursday 6:00pm                           Registration deadline:  Saturday 13

10 to 10 for $10 CROP 10:00 am - 10:00 pm

From 10am to 10pm come crop with us at the store for $10!  Refreshments and light snack provided.  Please call to register so we can reserve your table! We only have spaces for 10 people.

7/19/19 Friday 10am - 10pm                                         Cost: $10

Jan's Unique Card Class #94

You will be creating 4 unique greeting cards.  You will experience unique die cutting, stamping, layering, punching, embossing, fold techniques and much more.  You will receive step-by-step written instructions.  Please bring your regular supplies to class.  Any additional class supplies will be posted in the store with the sample cards.

Instructor:  Jan Rosenbergh                                          Cost:  $22
7/23/19 Tuesday 10:30am
7/25/19 Thursday 6:00pm 
7/27/19 Saturday 10:30am